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Dillon Palmieri – Hi there! I am a junior at Irvington High School in New York. Like my friend and colleague Remy, my obsession with meteorology began at a young age when I became fascinated by tornadoes at about the age of four. From there, my interest in the field expanded to winter storms, severe weather, and finally grew to the point where I wanted to create my own weather forecasts. Beginning last spring (2014), I started (officially) doing weather forecasts for the public in the Hudson Valley region with Remy on our Facebook page, now named Weatherinthehud with Remy Mermelstein and Dillon Palmieri. Our popularity quickly grew into hundreds of followers as our forecasts were consistently accurate and provided detailed information that would otherwise not be provided for a specific area such as the Hudson Valley. I also am currently working with Joe D’Aleo, a very well-known meteorologist employed at Weatherbell on a science research project studying the effects of the AMO, PDO, NAO, and AO on global climate. I wish to thank you for visiting our site and please know we welcome any and all input from our followers to make our site better.

Remy Mermelstein – Hey guys! I am a junior at Irvington High School in Irvington, NY. My love and passion for weather has been around all my life, starting with my absolute obsession with winter and snowstorms when I was a toddler. In addition to weather, I pursue an active life in architecture, interning at a local architects office (Website can be found HERE) and doing many community projects, building, designing and landscaping. I want to pursue getting a pilot’s license as well, and my knowledge and love for weather helps greatly when flying. Our weather page, Weatherinthehud with Remy Mermelstein and Dillon Palmieri, has been running since February 2014, and we update it at least every day and even more frequently during severe weather with the latest forecasts. I study weather extensively on my own time, and am extremely active in the forums on many weather sites, my favorite being Weatherbell where the knowledge of some of the world’s greatest forecasters are available to me, as well as the massive community of meteorologists, climatologists and pure hobbyists this world has. Dillon and I are also currently working with Joe D’aleo in a science research program at our school involving correlations and effects between oscillations such as the AMO, NAO, and AO. Every day brings a new realm of learning to us here at Weather in the Hud, and every day we learn more. So thank you for joining us here to read our forecasts! And, as always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or comments about our website.

  • Jonathan Ackerman

    Awesome site Guys!

    Looking forward to my new daily forecast!

    Here’s what it looks like in Cape May, nj
    On August 26, 2015

    • Remy Mermelstein

      Beautiful picture! and thanks so much! I think Dillon is going down to Cape May today actually for a few days! 🙂 If you ever have pictures that you wanna share go ahead 🙂 and if you know anybody who would be interested in the site go ahead and spread the word! Thanks again! @disqus_vono2idA26:disqus